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14 december 2019

Garda Trentino
Xmas Trail

The first trail race in the Alto Garda



30 Km

Difference in altitude

1300m D+

Unpaved Track



Torbole (68m a.s.l.)


Torbole (68m a.s.l.)

2 Refreshment points

10° and 20° km

Highest point

483m s.l.m. Busa dei Capitani – Monte Corno

Most panoramic points

Garda lakefront between Torbole and Riva del Garda, historical centre of Riva del Garda , Venetian fortes “Bastione”, “Frapporta” medieval centre, Tenno Castle, Olive cultivation of Arco and Tenno, Arco Castle, Church of San Martino, Chestnut tree wood of Nago, historical center of Nago, Penede Castle, Santa Lucia ancient road, historical center of Torbole.

Technical characteristics of the path

Low-altitude trail suitable for the winter season. It is characterized by a rather lively route both in the background variety and the alternation of climbs and descents. The first part of the track, of almost four kilometers, takes place on the fast lakefront, the first ascent, towards the Bastion of Riva, on a paved road from where the path mostly single track and unpaved road. The second part, after the second refreshment, is almost a long climb to cut the slope of Mount Corno until you reach the highest point of the race. From this point the descent towards Nago takes place on a path that crosses the plaques, which, although wide and equipped with parapets, requires a little attention. After crossing the village of Nago we descend towards the arrival of the historic Santa Lucia street.

Altitude Garda Trentino Xmas Trail


Friday 13th December 2019

    Torbole sul Garda (TN) “Circolo Surf Torbole”
  • from 4.30 pm to 7.00 pm bib hand-in

Saturday 14th December 2019

    Torbole sul Garda (TN) “Circolo Surf Torbole”
  • from 6.30 am to 8.30 ambib hand-in and bag deposit
  • 8.40 ambriefing on the start-line
  • 9.00 amStart
  • 11.30 amforecasted arrival of first runners
  • 3.00 pmarrival-closing staff and price-giving ceremony
  • from 12.00 pm to 6.00 pmthird time (convivial time)

Rules Book

Art. 1

The amateur sports association Garda Trentino Trail, affiliated to FIDAL / ASI, are organising, under the approval by FIDAL, the second Trail Running event. A cross-country race called 'Garda Trentino Trail Xmas Trail' to be run on Saturday 14th December 2019.

Art. 2 - Acceptance of the Rules.

The Garda Trentino Xmas Trail will be run conforming to the rules stated herein, with any necessary modifications published on the Official Web Site: Participation in the Garda Trentino Xmas Trail is permitted, only if the enrolled competitors agree to comply with all the rules stipulated, without any reservations. Furthermore, the competitors are required to respect the Highway Code, with particular attention to the normal road safety regulations, as the roads will not be closed to traffic on the race day. As all enrolled competitors must commit to respect these stated rules the organisation is free of any responsibility (civil or criminal) for any damages, either to person or property as a result of, or caused by, not adhering to the rules during this event.

Art. 3 The Race.

The race is on foot, in a natural environment, along paths, mule tracks and cart roads, in the Garda Trentino from Torbole (TN) to Torbole (TN) after 30km with a real height difference of about 1300 metres. On the same trail is organized a Relay race on two stage of about 15km distance and 650m gained elevation with the change on city of Arco. The relay is open to all possible couple combinations, means man/man woman/woman and man/woman. The organization will take care the transportation from Torbole (start/finish area) to Arco (change area).

Art. 4 Participation.

The competitions are open to all men and women who have their 20th birthday prior to the race date (14.12.2019) and are in possession of a recognised and valid, sports medical certificate demonstrating a suitable fitness level for sporting activity (Italian Athletes: D.M. 18.02.1982 tab B), independent of their membership to a sports society or federation. Foreign athletes must hand in the form, which can be downloaded from the enrollment web-page, filled and signed by the personal doctor. No other foreign certificate of health will be accepted. No limits to the acceptance of participants have been set, note however that because of the specific season when the event wilL take place and because of the possibility to meet adverse weather conditions, a good athletic training and diligent observance of the mandatory material is recommended. Enrollments will not be accepted from any athletes previously disqualified for doping in any discipline.

Art. 5 Partial Self-Sufficiency.

The competition is partially self-sufficient with regard to water and nourishment. Some refreshment points are on the route to provide the runners with food and drinkable water. Plastic cups will not be available at any refreshment point. The runners must equip themselves with suitable water containers. On leaving a refreshment point each runner must ensure that they have at least the official minimum quantity of water with them and sufficient nourishment required to reach the subsequent refreshment point. Personal assistance along the route is forbidden and will only be available at the approved areas assigned by the organizers. It is forbidden to be accompanied by anyone not formally enrolled on the race.

Art. 6 How to Enrol.

Enrollment opens on 01.09.2019 and officially closes on 12.12.2019. However, the enrollment will be closed earlier if the number of enrollments reaches 800. The organisation reserves the right to allocate 'Wild Cards' at their discretion. Enrollment should be done on-line with payment either through credit card, using the appropriate link on the official internet website Copies of a valid medical certificate and the disclaimer must be sent directly to the management portal by 12.12.2019. Documents sent directly to the organization will not be considered. In cases where a competitor has not supplied a medical certificate or the said has not the specific indication that the athlete “can practice competitive Athletics sport activity” (see draft for medical certificate in our website, download area), the race number bib will not be allocated and the competitor will not be permitted to take part in the race, without any rights to a refund of their enrollment fee. Enrollments or presentation of medical certificates at the collection of the race number bib or at the start of the race will not be accepted.

Art. 7 Enrollment Fees

    Xmax trail Integrale
  • From 01/09/2019 to 15/10/2019: €25.00
  • From 16/10/2019 to 12/12/2019: €30.00
  • Waiting list in case of sold out: €35.00
    Xmax realy
  • From 01/09/2019 to 15/10/2019: €50.00
  • From 16/10/2019 to 12/12/2019: €60.00
  • Waiting list in case of sold out: €65.00

Enroll to Xmas trail integrale allow to have a discount to enroll at Ultrabericus Winter Trail. Discount will be euro 5 before 15.10.2019 and euro 6 after 16.10.2019.
Enrollment payment includes all of the services as described in the rules herein. Arrival Buffet, all assistance, race provisions, possible transport requirements to return to base in case of injury, prize for finishing.

Art. 8 Refund of Enrollment Fee.

There are no reasons foreseen for any refund of the enrollment fee. Only in case of sold-out of the competition at which the person has enrolled and in the presence of another person in the waiting list, 100% of the fee will be refunded. It is also possible to change the name of the competitor on an already bought race number bib before the closure date of the enrollments, namely 12.12.2019, without any additional fee.

Art. 9 Compulsory Equipment and Accessories.

On enrolling, all runners give a written undertaking to carry with them, throughout the race, all the specified compulsory material, punishable by disqualification. The runners can be checked at any point during the race – at the start, at random during the race and on arrival at the finish - with the race number bib confiscated should they be without any of the following compulsory material:

  • Water container or flask to contain a minimum of 0,5 lt.
  • Thermic survival sheet
  • Whistle
  • Wind-jacket suitable for bad mountain weather conditions
  • Personal cup (minimum capacity: 150 cc), or suitable large flask lid to be used as a cup
  • Mobile telephone (with the organisation's emergency number inserted, without the 'hiding number' function and with a fully charged battery)
  • the organisers reserve the right to eventually add to the mandatory material warm and waterproof clothes in case of rain or forecasts of cold weather (gloves, hat, long sleeved top, trousers at ¾ length and specific features about the jacket, communicating this on and in the briefing before the race).

Equipment and material strongly recommended:
  • Trail running shoes
  • Course map (published on the website)
  • warm clothing, indispensable in case of cold weather
The runner's water container must contain at least 0,5 litre of water at the competition start and on leaving any of the refreshment points. Those wishing to use walking sticks, may do so - though runners must keep the sticks with them at all times, throughout the race.

Participation in the campaign “I don't throw away my rubbish irresponsibly”.
The race is run in a natural environment, an ecosystem, completely protected. Athletes, on risk of disqualification, must respect the area and behave accordingly, in particular avoiding discarding any rubbish, picking flowers or damaging the fauna. The event adheres to the campaign launched by Spiritotrail ( “I don't throw away my rubbish irresponsibly” concerning the environment and conservation of nature.

Art. 10 Race Number Bib

Each race number bib is individually given to every competitor on the presentation of an identity document with a photo. No race number bib may be given without a copy of a medical certificate. The race number bib must be worn on the chest or stomach and must be clearly visible at all times during the race. It must be outside of the clothing and on no account be fixed elsewhere. Before the start, each runner must pass the entry gate into the closed off section to register for the start. From passing a control point to finishing, the runner must be sure to have registered properly. Official stamping is essential, since the verification between two successive controls ensures there aren't any missing competitors. Omitting to register, could lead to a search of a runner, in which case all costs incurred will have to be met by the said runner. The race number bib is the necessary pass-key to get on board the shuttle, bus, enter the refreshment areas, showers, etc.

Art. 11 Security and medical assistance.

In agreement with refreshment relief is set up an emergency call area. These posts are connected via radio or telephone to the Race Management. There will be an ambulance from the territory, as well as civil and medical protection. The emergency points are available to assist anyone in danger with the appropriate methods of transport owned by the organisation or in combination with conventional assistance. Medical officials have the authority to suspend runners judged to be unfit to continue in the race. The emergency helpers are authorised to evacuate with all methods available any runners in danger. In case of necessity, for the reason of personal safety and with the exclusive judgement of the organisation, official emergency help will be called and every appropriate method of assistance used, including a helicopter. The costs involved in using these extreme means of assistance will be charged to the person assisted, according to the regulations in force. A runner, by calling a doctor or for emergency help is in turn, agreeing to abide by and respect the medical decision and their authority.

Art. 12 Control and Refreshment Points.

The competitors are surveyed in all refreshment and control points. Only runners wearing clearly visible race number bib have access to refreshment points. The course map will be published on the website:, identifying all refreshment points and emergency areas. The 'random' control points will be positioned in different places outside of the emergency and refreshment points. The organisation will not give out information on their whereabouts.

Art. 13 Maximum time authorised and Gate timetables

The maximum time for the race, to complete the whole course, is fixed at 6 hours. The time limits for starting (Gate timetables) of the main control points will be defined and indicated on the course map. These gates are calculated to allow the participants to reach them in the maximum time, considering also stopping (to rest, eat something...). To be authorised to continue the race, the competitors must restart from the control points before the fixed time limit. In case of being outside the time the runner will be disqualified and the race number bib confiscated. The runner is permitted to continue without the race number bib outside of the competition assuming all responsibilities and consequences that may avail. In case of bad weather conditions and/or for reasons of safety, the organisation reserve the right to suspend the race being run, delay the start, change the course, modify the gate timetables or cancel the competition, without any prior notice.

Art. 14 Abandonment and re-entry.

In the case of abandoning the race whilst on the course, the competitor is obliged to communicate their leaving the race, by registering their withdrawal by radio at the nearest control point; the organisation will take note of the withdrawal at the relevant control post and at the base in Torbole (TN); re-entry is not guaranteed if outside of the control post except in the case of injury. In the case of a runner not advising of their withdrawal and costs being incurred through subsequent searching for the said runner, any costs incurred will be charged to them.

Art. 15 Penalties – Disqualification.

The competitors not found in possession of any element of the compulsory material will be disqualified immediately, without any possibility or rights to dispute this decision. Any irregularity picked up through the surveillance using video images by the organisation after the race could result in disqualification. The judges of the race in the following art. 17 have the authority to disqualify a competitor, in the case of severe breaking of the rules with special attention to:

  • race number bib not worn correctly
  • exchanging of race number bib
  • missing proof of passing through a control point
  • missing a part of or missing totally something from the list of compulsory material
  • using any form of transport
  • leaving a control point outside the gate times
  • doping or refusing to undergo an anti-doping test
  • not helping or giving assistance to a fellow competitor in difficulty
  • having personal assistance outside the approved areas
  • discarding personal material during the course
  • lack of respect for the prohibition of being accompanied on the course
  • throwing rubbish away on the course
  • polluting or damaging the area by either the competitor or their staff
  • insulting, rudeness or threatening behaviour towards a member of the organisation or volunteers
  • refusing medical assistance by the organisation at any time during the race

Art. 16 Complaints.

Only complaints that may be written and presented to the Appeal Judge complaints will be accepted (to be made within 30 minutes following the posting of the official results), with a €50.00 caution.

Art. 17 The Panel of Judges.

The panel consists of:

  • Course Director
  • The person responsible for the course
  • The person responsible for the safety and security
  • Members of the organisation involved and requested by the Course Director
The panel has the authority to deliberate in a compatible time with the obligations of the course about all disagreements or disqualifications arising during the race. The decisions are final and without recourse.

Art. 18 Modifications to the course or Gate timetables – cancellation of the Competition.

Modifications to the course or Gate timetables – cancellation of the Competition The organisation reserves the right to modify at any moment, the course or the location of the emergency or refreshment points, without prior notice. In the case of adverse weather conditions or for other motives not dependant upon the organisation and that put at risk the security or safety of the competitors, the start may be delayed or cancelled. The route may be modified or shortened, the race could be stopped at any moment. The aforesaid modifications will be made by the panel of judges, taking into account the opinion of those responsible for security, safety and medical equipment. The modification, suspension or cancellation of the course does not give the competitors any right to a refund of the enrollment fee.

Art. 19 Course Route Map.

The geographic map of the course, in its most up to date form will be available on the Competition's official internet site The competitors are invited to download and print this map. On this will be provided useful practical information such as the timetables for the control points and the description of the course. Each amendment on the course map will be published on the official website

Art. 20 Insurance.

The organisation underwrites an insurance of civil responsibility for the whole period of the competition. The participation is completely under the responsibility of the competitors, the organisation renounce any obligation or responsibility for claims against them in the case of damage or consequences that may arise following the competition. At the moment of enrolling, the runner must undersign that they free the organisation of any responsibility.

Art. 21 Classification and Prizes.

Only those competitors who complete the course and register their arrival at the finishing post in Torbole (TN), will be inserted in the classification. Every runner will be given a 'finisher' prize. A final general classification will be written of men and women participating in both races, Integral and Relay race. A trophy and products will be given to the first three classified males and the first three classified females of the Integral race. For the Relay race, there will be prizes for the first three classified Male-Male, Female-Female and mixed pair. There will also be a special classification for the challenge with UB Winter race of 1/12/2019, as sum of the race times on the both Integral races (prizes to the first five males and to the first five females).

Art. 22 Picture Rights.

Every competitor expressly renounces the right to the pictures taken during the race and so renounce any action against the organisation and its partners to use these images.

The addition of further modifications will be posted on the page “news” on the website